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Cleanse + Eye Cream Starter Set

Cleanse + Eye Cream Starter Set

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A skincare starter set that fights bacteria using coconut & sugar based sudsing agents to remove dirt and grime without stripping your face of its natural moisture PLUS a cooling and depuffing cucumber + caffeine eye cream.  

Step 1: Apply 1 pump of Cranberry Cleanser to clean, wet fingertips and massage over face in circular motion.  Rinse completely clean and pat dry.  Repeat AM & PM.

Step 2: Apply desired amount of Cucumber + Caffeine Eye Cream to eye area using ring finger to gently pat into the eye area.  Avoid getting into eyeball area.  



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  • Allie, Texas

    Can't believe how soft my skin feels after cleansing.

  • Diana, California

    Since using the b-alpha smoother my pores are smaller and I hardly get any breakouts.

  • Amber, Chicago

    I was skeptical to switch to organic skincare, but I am so glad I made the switch because my skin looks and feels better than it ever has.

  • Cameron, Kentucy

    This cucumber eye cream will never not be in my routine!

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